English Computer Solutions (Normandy)

Professional, friendly, cost-effective help with your PC, laptop or tablet

About ECS

English Computer Solutions is a registered computer help business run by me, Jonathan, created to offer a good value and practically focused computer assistance service in Basse Normandie.


Having spent 8 years working in business, high street and domestic IT, I looked at the market here to find a mixture of services on offer, all very much run from a typically technical computing perspective. ECS is now 11 years old!


My aim is to listen to what customers' need and identify the most practical and cost effective solution for them, discussing things in simple terms, in a way that non-computer literate people will understand.


I don't advocate unnecessary upgrades, when a clean computer would be acceptable! I don't recommend paid-for software e.g. Anti Virus, when FREE Shareware is more than acceptable (I use it myself). And I certainly do not look to bamboozle clients with 'techno babble' and charge them more for the privilege!!


I am happy to discuss needs in detail first (at no cost to the client) and indicate a likely budget before work starts. I pride myself on being reliable, professional and most of all fair.


Computers should be a help not a hindrance, work quickly and be designed to work with the user not against!